Shoot Your Wig & Pop a Cap

I lost my hair during chemotherapy seven years ago. But I hated my wig, which mimicked the hairstyle of my repellent 50-something teacher from grade school. (”My name is Mrs. Green. Like paint! Ha ha ha ha!”)

beadsSo I decided I would stick to hats and caps. But I was addled and sad and scared when I went hat shopping, and I made some poor choices.

Learn from my mistakes. A few tips:

1) Your hair goes with whatever you wear. Hats do not. While the colorful prints are tempting (and it’s fun to have a few) keep in mind that most will clash with your clothes unless you stick to very neutral colors. I have brown hair, so I enjoyed my leopard-print beret. But most of the others collected dust.

2) There are lots of synthetic hats for sale, but most don’t breathe, and you can get too warm. Cotton knit is almost always the best choice of fabric.

3) Buy more than one hat. You know how your clothes smell after wearing them for a day? That’s how your hat will smell. So unless you’re planning to wash your hat in the sink every night (or get a few scarf pads, pictured below) buy a week’s worth. Fortunately, berets cost as little as $15.

4) Buy some sleep caps too, to keep you warm at night.

5) Your current point of reference for hats is something you wear outdoors in cold weather. You’ll be tempted to get one of those. But, unlike the olden days, once you’re inside, you probably won’t be removing your cap, and you’ll start to get hot. So those cozy-looking hats can be tempting to buy, but you’re better off with an indoors beret, and just wrap your head in a scarf when you go outside. For walks, buy a fleece cap. Warm, lightweight, easy to wash.

[Ed. note: I get no compensation whatsoever from these companies. I list them here for your convenience. For lots more choices, google “chemo cap.” A flattering cotton-knit beret in black, taupe, yellow or pink can be purchased The bead cap above comes in six colors. For more info on any of the caps, click on the image. ]


These “no hair day” caps below are made from Head Huggers patterns. I’m not handy with a crochet needle, but I’m sure there’s a way to hire someone if you contact the company.

So much for granny wigs, eh?

Below is a scarf pad from Headcovers Unlimited. I didn’t know there was such a thing back when I was bald. I imagine they could save you money, if it means buying fewer hats.

A friend of mine has a lovely heather-gray baseball cap that covers her ears. I could not find one just like it online, but this cap from gives you the idea:

Sarajevo 1984: A Matador on Ice

Twenty-five years ago the Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo. The world was a different place. The Soviet Union and East Germany, neither of which exist anymore, won 25 and 24 medals respectively. Finland came in third with 13.

Great Britain didn’t even make the top ten. However, two skaters from Nottingham made Olympic history with the highest score of all time: 12 perfect sixes for their Bolero free dance. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won gold, of course, and their record remains unbroken to this day.

But it wasn’t their Bolero routine that caught my eye in 1984, but rather their set pattern dance to Paso Doble in which Dean is a matador and Torvill his cape. Artistry the world may never see again.

Footage above is from the 1984 Worlds Competition. Footage below is from the 1984 Europeans. Both are offered in “high quality” if viewers click through to YouTube.

[Ed. note: The video quality of Olympic footage of “Paso Doble” is poor, but it’s available here.]